We are The People our parents warned us about. A 1%er is one of hundred of us who has given up on society and politicians one-way-laws. This is why we look repulsive (for you). Weīre saying we donīt want to be like you or look like you. "So stay out of our face!" Look at your Brothers standing next to you and ask yourself if you would give him half of what you have in your pocket, or half of what you have to eat. If a citizen hits your Brother will you be on him without asking why? There is no way your Brother is always right but he is always your Brother! Itīs one in all and all in one. If you donīt think this way then walk away. Because you are a citizen and donīt belong with us.

We are Bandidos and Members will follow The Bandidos way or get out. All members are your Brothers and your family. You will not steal your Brothers possessions, money, women or class of his humor. If you do this your Brother will do you.